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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got some final questions, here are the ones renters ask most.

Does my landlord see my bank or credit card information?

No one can see your bank or credit card information. Once you add it to your payment methods, the information is encrypted and stored in a secure electronic vault at the bank. It is inaccessible by your landlord or anyone at PayRent.

Can I use this service if my landlord hasn’t signed up?

PayRent is designed to help connect landlords and renters securely through our platform. Unfortunately, if your landlord isn’t enrolled we cannot send them your rent payment. We’d appreciate a referral from you though. Click here to invite them.

Can I use more than one payment method for a single rent payment?

Unfortunately, you can only use one payment method at a time for each rent payment. However, you can store multiple credit cards and bank accounts and use them on different occasions to give yourself some options when it comes time to pay rent.

Do you have a mobile app?

We do not have a mobile app at this time. However, PayRent.com is a mobile responsive website that is easy to use on any smartphone or tablet. You can pay your rent from anywhere.

Can I use a credit card to pay my rent?

Yes! We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express as valid forms of payment. To use a credit card, add one (or more) to your payment methods in your account.

Do you keep track of when my payments are received by my landlord?

Yes. We keep a record of each stage a payment goes through from scheduled to completed. You can view your status from your renter dashboard. If you require a history of when a payment was in each stage, feel free to contact us.

Does PayRent provide a receipt for my rent payment?

PayRent.com processes your rent payments and keeps a history of all your payments in your renter dashboard. When a payment is completed you will receive a confirmation email that can serve as a receipt of payment. 

PayRent is on a mission to build rent collection software that fosters a positive and productive relationship between renters and landlords. We focus less on transactions and more on the people behind them.

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