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Activate your property
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Simple Pricing

Online Bank Transfer
Credit Card
$2.55 per rent payment
3% per rent payment
Funds available in 3-5 business days Funds available in 3-5 business days
Supports all major financial institutions
Supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AmericanExpress
Coming soon! Next-day payouts for Online Bank Transfers.

Common questions

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I'm a tenant and I use Do I need to do anything?
Your landlord will give you more information, including a link to pay using
I’m a landlord and I use What do I do after I create an account?
Simply input your bank account information and activate your properties. We'll take care of contacting your tenants, getting their payment information set up, and notifying them when rent payments are due.
Why would I pay my rent on
Modern advances in the 21st century, namely the smartphone, have made it so that you can do things your grandparents couldn't do, like pay your rent online. You can finally retire that old checkbook you're using and pay your rent from your smartphone or computer.
What types of payments does process?
Currently we process E-check (ACH) payments, and will be processing the following forms of payment in the very near future:
Credit/Debit card

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