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Learn why PayRent is preferred by independent landlords like you.

PayRent helps landlords collect rent safely, simply, and on-time with features that make it easy for renters to pay rent from any device anywhere. Risk-free, stress-free, what’s not to like?

Key Features

Online Rent Collection, Collect rent online, pay rent online

Rent Collection
PayRent is the safe and simple way to collect and pay rent online.

Online Rent Applications

Tenant Applications
Fill your vacancies faster by accepting online applications.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening
Screen potential renters to ensure your property is in good hands.

Report rent payments to credit bureaus, credit reporting, rent reporting to credit bureaus

Credit Reporting
Give credit where credit is due. Reward your renters for on-time rent payments.

loans for landlords, landlord loans, investment loans

PayRent Capital™
Access funds from our 75+ lending partners to fund the unexpected or grow your portfolio.

Reward renters for on-time payments and assist them when they need help paying.

Collect Rent How and When You Want

Being a hands-on landlord or property manager doesn’t mean you have to do everything by hand, let us lighten your load. PayRent gives you the tools you need to simplify your rental business. Our easy-to-use property management software automates tedious tasks and gives you full control of the rent collection process. Set rent due dates, add automatic late fees, accept credit card payments (or don’t), it’s all up to you. Here are some of the features our current users care about the most.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Accept eChecks from any US-based bank or credit union
  • Accept credit card rent payments at no cost to you
  • Block partial payments
  • Guard sensitive personal and financial information
  • Independent settings for each property.
  • Track important lease and insurance documents
  • Manage additional charges and credits
  • Enforce late payment policies
  • Send rent reminders and past due notices
  • Report rent payments to credit bureaus for free
  • Access capital for unexpected repairs or expansion.
  • Online rental applications and tenant screening

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Tenant Applications

Get critical information about potential renters and their backgrounds through one of our in-app application partners. By looking at income and other financial situations, you can feel assured that the applicant will be able to pay rent each month.

  • Personal and Household Details
  • Employment and Income
  • Residential History and Background
  • Simple online application and fee acceptance.
online rental application, tenant application
tenant screening, screen tenants, screen renters

Tenant Screening

The best defense is a good offense. Screening potential tenants minimizes the risk of property damage and rental income loss. Select a tenant screening service from our in-app marketplace of trusted partners.

Invite your applicant to complete the tenant screening form online and pay the fee. We verify their information and deliver the report to your inbox.

  • Credit Score
  • Criminal History
  • Evictions

Rent Reporting

Tenants who pay their rent online through PayRent can report on-time rent payments to all three major credit bureaus for free.

Most renters enjoy a boost to their credit score, paving the way to lower interest rates, increased buying power, and better employment opportunities.

  • Experian
  • TransUnion
  • Equifax
rent reporting, report rent payments to credit bureaus, report rent payments for free,
loans for landlords, landlord loans, investment loans

PayRent Capital

PayRent works with 75+ Lenders to generate capital offers to match your specific business needs. Use it for emergency repairs, property remodels, portfolio refinancing, cash flow issues, and more.

  • No Application Fee or Obligation.
  • Get the capital you need in as little as 24 hours.
  • Put the money to work and grow your business.


It takes two to make a thing go right. Rent payments involve two parties so PayRent provides benefits to both renters and landlords who use the service. RentCred is a set of features that reward renters who pay their rent on-time through our rent payment app.

  • Free Rent Payment Reporting to all three major credit bureaus
  • Emergency, Interest-Free Loans for Rent
  • Late Fee Forgiveness
rent payment app, loan to pay rent, loans for rent, rent payment assistance

All Features


RentDefense protects landlords from late and lost rent with rent collection tools and controls available only on PayRent. Using all of these features together helps to minimize the risk of not getting paid on time.

Automated Late Fees
Automatically add late fees when rent is past due to help keep rent payments on schedule.
Availability: Do-It-Yourself, Go-Like-A-Pro

Rent Collection Enforcement
Set a relaxed or strict rent collection policy to enforce scheduled recurring payments or require a backup payment method.
Availability: Do-It-Yourself, Go-Like-A-Pro

Block Partial Payment
Require renters to pay the full balance due and gain greater control over your cash flow.
Availability: All Versions

Bank Balance Verification
Real-time fund verification before a payment is made virtually eliminates payments returned for non-sufficient funds.
Availability: All Versions

Schedule Payments
Renters can schedule one-time or recurring future payments to make rent collection more predictable.
Availability: All Versions


The privacy and security features of PayRent ensure everyone’s important information is kept away from hackers and bad actors making each and every transaction inherently safe.

Encrypted Payment Methods
Banking and credit card details are encrypted then stored in a secure vault. Financial information is kept off of our servers.
Availability: All Versions

Personal Information Security
Information like tax IDs and bank details are stored in a hacker-proof vault keeping personal and business information secure.
AvailabilityAll Versions

Instant Payment Acceptance
Payments are authorized immediately with confirmations sent to both parties so you know the minute rent is paid.
Availability: Do-It-Yourself, Go-Like-A-Pro

Secure Payment Processing
All payment transactions are transmitted via SSL encrypted connections to the acquiring bank so they can’t be hacked.
AvailabilityAll Versions

Document E-Sign
Send documents to tenants and applicants to execute a legally binding e-signature. We track and notify you when it is completed.


Our #1 priority in designing a rent payment app for real estate entrepreneurs is to keep things simple. You’ll find that theme throughout every thoughtful design element of the platform.

Pay From Any Device
Our web-based rent payment app makes it easy for both landlords and tenants to use PayRent from any device.
Availability: All Versions

Global Property Settings
Set or reset preferences for all your properties from a single panel saves you time managing your property details.
Availability: All Versions

Search and Filter
Fast, auto-suggest search capabilities on each screen allow you to quickly find properties, payments, or renters with less effort.
Availability: All Versions

Account Summary Dashboard
View critical details like collected and past due rent, vacancy rates, and renter usage for a quick snapshot of your business.
Availability: All Versions

Intuitive Navigation
Simple navigation for both landlords and renters means fewer taps or clicks and a more intuitive and enjoyable payment experience.
Availability: All Versions

Renter On-Boarding
Automated onboarding of your renters via email and in-app assistance removes the burden of getting renters started.
Availability: All Versions


With over a dozen convenience features, we’re doing our best to create a rent payment app that saves you both time and money.

Payment Notifications
Receive email notifications when payments are made so you don’t have to login to know whether rent has been paid.
Availability: All Versions

Activity Feed
Track billing, payment and invite activities right on the home screen to see what’s happening at a glance.
Availability: All Versions

On-Boarding Assist
Free assistance with entering properties and inviting renters to save loads of time when you first get started.
Availability: All Versions

Clone a Property
Quickly add multiple units at the same address using the Clone Property feature to reduce the time it takes to get started, click to quickly manage accounts that are current.
Availability: All Versions

Chargeback Notifications
Get notified via email if there is a dispute with a credit card payment or a returned bank draft.
Availability: All Versions

Automated Rent Reminders
Renters are automatically reminded 3-days in advance of rent coming due increasing the likelihood of on-time payments.
Availability: All Versions

In-App Chat Support
Get immediate support when you need it so you don’t get stuck mid-task.
Availability: All Versions

Transaction Settlement Details
Payment details including settlement date to make bank reconciliation faster and easier.
Availability: All Versions

Document Management
Store, share, and send unlimited documents with our document management feature. Give access to tenants to make document sharing easy and automatic.
Availability: Do-It-yourself, Go-Like-A-Pro

Report rent payments to credit bureaus, credit reporting, rent reporting to credit bureaus

Automatic Rent Reporting
Report on-time and late payments to all three credit bureaus to increase your on-time payments.
Availability: All Versions

Transaction Download
Download a filtered list of transactions to produce billing statements or import files for quickbooks.
Availability: All Versions

1-Click Balance Reset
Reset a renter’s account balance to zero with a single click to quickly manage accounts that are current.
Availability: All Versions


Using PayRent as your rent payment app gives you more control over how and when rent gets paid, providing greater peace of mind than Zelle™ or direct ACH transfers.

Require Renters Insurance
Require proof of renters insurance or purchase insurance directly in our app to limit your liability and reduce insurance premiums.
Availability: All Versions

Renter Account Ledger
Track every charge, credit, and payment in one balance to help balance your books at a glance.
Availability: All Versions

Split or Pass-Through Transaction fees
Absorb or split transaction fees with your renters to entice renters to use a rent payment app instead of cash or check.
Availability: Do-It-Yourself, Go-Like-A-Pro

Credit Card Acceptance Control
Allow or block renters from using credit cards to better manage your chargeback risk.
Availability: All Versions

Manual Transactions
Create manual charges or credits to be applied now or at a future date so that every transaction is accounted for.
Availability: All Versions

Prevent Payment
Block unwanted payments from renters to keep an eviction process on track.
Availability: All Versions

Additional Fee Assessments
Include security deposits or parking fees when you create your property and automatically add them to a renter’s billing account.
Availability: Do-It-Yourself, Go-Like-A-Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people ask about our rent payment app.
If your question is not answered here, chat with us.

What payment types are accepted?

We currently accept direct bank transfers (echecks, ACH) from any U.S.-based bank or credit union, as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. Landlords are given the option to accept credit card payments.

How long does it take to get my money?

Depending on your service plan, it can take anywhere from 1-day to 7 days. Check out the different plans here. We are currently working to speed up processing times.

Is there a minimum number of units required?

You can start your account with just one unit. There is no minimum or maximum number of properties you can add.

How do I manage roommates?

For security and privacy reasons we do not allow users to share accounts. For roommates, create two property records and invite each renter to their own account.

Can I distribute funds to multiple accounts?

Each landlord account currently supports a single bank account as a settlement account. There is no limit to how many PayRent accounts you can have.

Are there any membership or subscription costs?

Depending on which service plan you choose, you may incur a monthly subscription or per unit fee. The details are outlined here.

PayRent is on a mission to build a rent collection app that fosters a positive and productive relationship between renters and landlords. We focus less on transactions and more on the people behind them.


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Protect Your Evictions

PayRent gives landlords the control to block
all or partial payments from their renters.

Protect Your Privacy

PayRent allows landlords to accept payments without
ever sharing their personal information with tenants.

Automatic Rent Reporting

PayRent reports rent payments to
all 3 credit bureaus at no extra cost.

Track Renter’s Insurance

Require Insurance and Track Documents with PayRent

Accept Credit Cards

PayRent makes it easy for Landlords to accept
Bank Transfers and Credit Cards.

Save Time With PayRent

Automate invoices, payments, receipts, late charges
and credit reporting with PayRent