If you’re like us, then you know the benefits of a thoughtful and well-informed podcast. They are the perfect resource for people, like landlords, who are always on the go and may not have the time to sit down to research helpful topics that can help with their businesses.  We’ve compiled a list of our favorite podcasts. Listen to while you’re dealing with maintenance issues, waiting for your renters to show up, or simply relaxing at home!

Podcasts for First Time Landlords:

  • Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane : As a new rental owner himself, Dan Lane became interested in learning the ins and outs of owning rental properties along the way. He now works to help other new landlords do the same. He interviews industry professionals and sprinkles in some of the best tips he learned while navigating the landlord industry!
  • The Rental Rookie Podcast: This is the perfect podcast for DIY landlords. Are you interested in learning the basics? Hosts Kirk & Emily discuss everything under the sun when it comes to being a new landlord.

Industry Professional Podcasts:

  • The BiggerPockets Podcast: Bigger Pockets is an industry staple. They cover absolutely everything in the real estate and rental space and it’s done in a way that is easy to digest! If you listen to any podcast on this list, it should be this one!
  • Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban: This podcast for landlords offers great industry knowledge from people who have already been through it. For instance, they tell about their biggest regrets and greatest successes.
  • The Best Ever Show with Joe Fairless: Joe Fairless has incredible insight when it comes to the rental industry. For example, he specializes in flipping houses and often invites new guests with fresh perspectives on his show.

Marketing Advice Podcasts:

  • Online Marketing Made Easy: The host of this podcast, Amy Porterfield, gives tips on how to grow your business through marketing initiatives and much more. Her podcasts are insightful, motivating and offer great general tips for business owners.
  • The Massive Agent Podcast: This podcast offers great step-by-step strategies for real estate professionals and gives advice on marketing, lead generation, and how to effectively use social media!

Hopefully, this list of podcasts for landlords helps you to become the best landlord and business owner you can be. Let us know if we missed any. We’re always looking for great new podcast recommendations too.

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