Net Operating Income (NOI): Definition and Calculation

Net Operating Income (NOI) Definition

Net Operating Income, or NOI, is a real estate metric that measures income following the payment of all operating expenses. It is calculated by subtracting total operating expenses from total operating revenue, excluding mortgage payments and depreciation.

NOI is a key metric used by investors, lenders, and appraisers to analyze profitability and market value of a property.

Investors can use the NOI to gauge the rental income of an asset without considering capital expenditure or financing costs. It provides a more detailed financial view of the asset’s revenue-generating capacity.

NOI may vary based on the property type and location. It’s important to consider industry-specific factors that can impact its calculation. Accounting standards also factor in, as some items require adjustments due to accounting practices.

Investopedia notes that NOI “does not factor in debt service“. This makes it a good metric to assess profitability before debt servicing obligations. Calculating NOI is like solving a puzzle – but instead of a magnifying glass, you use spreadsheets and instead of a culprit, you find profitability.

Net Operating Income (NOI) Calculation

Net Operating Income (NOI) is a financial metric that measures the profit earned from a real estate investment property, after deducting expenses related to operating it. It’s a key figure, as it reveals the property’s actual profitability without taking taxes and financing costs into account.

To calculate NOI, we use this table:

Rent Revenue$5000
Operating Expenses$800

This table shows how NOI is calculated by subtracting vacancy and operating expenses from rent revenue.

It’s important to remember that NOI doesn’t consider debt obligations and cash flows related to financing. The metric focuses solely on how much income the property generates through operations.

NOI has been used for many years in commercial real estate finance to value investment properties. Residential investors also use it, especially those looking to offset their expenses against rental income.

NOI: the acronym that makes property managers feel like accountants with attitude.

Net Operating Income (NOI) Applications

NOI – Net Operating Income – is a key financial metric used in real estate investments. It’s used for:

  • Evaluating property investments
  • Forecasting cash flows
  • Figuring out asset value

We can also use NOI with other financial metrics, like Cap Rate and Gross Rent Multiplier, to gain more understanding about real estate investments.

The table below outlines the different ways NOI can be applied in real estate investments:

Property ValuationTo figure out the current market value of a property
Cash Flow ForecastTo predict the cash flow generated by a property
Investment AnalysisTo assess the profitability of a real estate investment
Property ManagementTo optimize rental rates and expense management
Capital PlanningTo pinpoint areas for cost-cutting and capital expenditure

Tip: Tracking and analyzing NOI regularly is key to having successful long-term real estate investments. NOI may not be as exciting as Revenue or Profit, but it’s the dependable workhorse that keeps your property running well.


Net Operating Income (NOI) is key in assessing a property’s financial health. Knowing NOI is necessary for citizens, investors and estate professionals. Analyzing it allows one to measure the income a property can yield post subtracting bills.

It’s essential to remember that NOI doesn’t include income tax, depreciation, financing costs or capital expenditure. NOI stands for the cash flow obtainable from property operations before deducting fixed expenses. The calculation is easy yet vital – subtract total operating expenses from gross operating income.

When dealing with commercial real estate investment, NOI assists to identify the return on investment and expected gains. The higher the NOI, the more chance of securing financing or receiving returns from rentals.

Moreover, comprehending and tracking changes in NOI over time helps work out if your investment is profitable or not.

Forbes’ Real Estate Investing expert states: “Calculating NOI is vital for Real Estate operators and investors.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Net Operating Income (NOI) and why is it important?

It’s a financial measure that represents the income generated by a real estate investment, without taking into account the financing costs or taxes. It is important because it helps investors to determine the profitability of a property and make informed investment decisions.

2. How is Net Operating Income (NOI) calculated?

Net Operating Income (NOI) is calculated by subtracting the property’s operating expenses from its gross operating income. The formula for calculating NOI is: NOI = Gross Operating Income – Operating Expenses.

3. What are some examples of operating expenses that are subtracted from the gross income to calculate Net Operating Income (NOI)?

Examples of operating expenses that are subtracted from the gross income to calculate Net Operating Income (NOI) include property taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, utilities, and management fees.

4. How is Net Operating Income (NOI) different from cash flow?

It) measures the income generated by a property before financing costs and taxes, while cash flow measures the amount of money that is left over after all expenses are paid. Cash flow takes into account financing costs such as mortgage payments and taxes, which are not included in NOI.

5. Why is Net Operating Income (NOI) an important factor in determining the value of a property?

It’s an important factor in determining the value of a property because it is directly related to the property’s ability to generate income. The higher the NOI, the more valuable the property is considered to be, as it indicates greater income potential for the owner.

6. What is a good Net Operating Income (NOI) for a property?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as a good Net Operating Income (NOI) for a property depends on various factors, including the type of property, its location, and the local market conditions. Generally, a higher NOI is better, but it’s important to consider other factors such as financing costs and potential future expenses when evaluating the profitability of an investment property.


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