Vacation rentals and Airbnbs in attractive locations are often never empty, and there is a reason for that! Scroll ahead to find tips from Airbnb landlords can adopt so that your rentals are always full!

1) Referrals

Investing in your renters is a long-term game and if you establish a good rapport with them, they could potentially introduce you to renters who could be interested in other properties you are looking to rent. In addition, if your renter inevitably leaves, they can also recommend another person to rent the property they are leaving! Reward your referrals to thank them.

2) Professional & Prompt Communication

Top Airbnb hosts are all about good communication. They always respond right away to user inquiries. Moreover, most people like to know what and who they will be dealing with, therefore proving your renter with reviews from past renters, you can assure them of a good experience. Take a tip from Airbnb and be hypervigilant about responding to your tenants in a clear and timely fashion.

3) Extra Benefits

Think of your renter as a guest. Airbnb hosts treat their renters as such and are always offering benefits and amenities of their property and the surrounding area so they can sell the experience as well as the rental itself.

By providing a prospective renter with details of the surrounding neighborhood including restaurants, shops, and local activities, you can make your property more appealing, which will connect them to the property they are wanting to rent.

At the end of the day, selling the experience is just as important as selling the home itself. Renters want to be able to know all aspects of what they’re getting into and by taking a couple of tips from those who sell experiences for a living, you can make your rental more appealing—diminishing vacancies!

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