If you have a real estate property available for rent or sale, you will want as much exposure as possible to get it rented or sold. It’s not possible to show a property that’s occupied. This could be due to the fact that you want to give your current tenants privacy or because of another factor. One such factor is the current coronavirus situation. Several states have laws against showing rental properties that are occupied because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some sellers don’t want to have real estate agents and buyers inside their homes for fear of the virus and real estate agents are hesitant to show homes in person. The entire real estate industry has had to become more virtual when showing properties.

Quality Photos

Nearly 95 percent of buyers and tenants look online for homes so you must have quality photos. Local multi-listing services and websites allow many images to be posted on their sites, so it’s essential to take as many pictures as possible. Include different angles of each room for perspective. Take photos of areas that are not always highlighted, including bathrooms, closets, basements, and garages.

Don’t forget to photograph the exterior of the unit as well. If you cannot or aren’t able to go to a property to take photos, ask the occupant if they will allow a professional real estate photographer to come to the home. If you take the photos yourself or hire someone else, make sure that all safety procedures are followed. Ask the current tenant or homeowner to take pictures and send them to you if you are unable to take them yourself. Many smartphones nowadays take high-quality photos that could be used in your listing.

Looking for more photography tips? Check out this post from ExpertPhotography.com: 10 Tips for Beginner Real Estate Photography.

Virtual Tours and Videos

Virtual tours and videos are another way to show homes that are occupied. Start with the exterior of the property. Walk around the property so that the video shows all sides of the house. Then turn the lens facing outward so the video shows the street view and the back view of the home. Show as much of the exterior and location as possible. After you video the exterior of the house, walk in through the front door and video the rooms as you would show them in person. You can hire a company to create the video for you if your current tenant or homeowner allows it. If your occupant isn’t willing to have you or anyone else in the home, you can ask them to create a short video.

Use Photos From the Past

If you have rented your property previously, you can reuse the same photos and videos from the past. Just be sure to put a disclaimer on the listing that the photos were taken before the current tenants resided in this property. It’s a good idea to save pictures of properties in files for future use if it’s impossible to physically show the unit when it’s occupied in the future. 

The real estate industry is becoming more and more virtual. There’s still nothing better than showing a property in person. However, if it’s not possible, virtual showings are becoming popular. Many people are purchasing and renting homes sight-unseen online. They are signing contracts, lease agreements, and other paperwork via online signature programs. More and more landlords and tenants are paying and collecting rent online, as well. If you are a landlord that needs help to collect rent online, you can read more about our service by clicking the banner below.

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