There are unique challenges and opportunities available to landlords. Perhaps you need help deciding whether to become a landlord in the first place or wonder if purchasing another rental property is a wise move, or how to advertise and find amazing renters. It would be wonderful to have a ready-made network of professionals from around the country to give you advice on a variety of landlord specific topics. Podcasts for landlords are just that!

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Here are a list the top 10 podcasts for landlords that can keep you informed and entertained:

  1. The Gerald Lucas Real Estate Podcast– With over 20 years’ experience in real estate, Gerald Lucas is a highly experienced professional landlord, licensed Realtor, and investor. This is a weekly podcast with wide-ranging information; from how the pandemic changes rental property costs to the best options for refinancing an investment property.
  2. Landlording for Life– This podcast, hosted by Sean Morrissey, is a series of weekly interviews with various real estate professionals. A variety of topics are covered, from unique down payment options for investors to protecting yourself as a landlord. This is a great place to start to find up-to-date, professional advice to increase your success as a landlord.
  3. Real Estate Guys Radio– Having started as an FM radio show 23 years ago, this weekly podcast hosted by Real estate investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray is an educational option for landlords. Topics they’ve covered include: choosing markets, flipping success, and commercial real estate investments.
  4. Apartment Building Investment– If you’re interested in investing in apartment buildings, this weekly show hosted by Michael Blank will offer professional information to help you become successful. Raising capital, finding opportunities, and success stories from professional investors are all covered in this informational show.
  5. Epic Real Estate Investing– Matt Theriault’s weekly podcast focuses on the financial aspect of real estate investing. Understanding the market and current trends, as well as the future of real estate investing, are all covered. Advice is given for both seasoned and novice investors on how to make the most of your investments as a landlord.
  6. The Anonymous Landlord Podcast-This podcast is hosted by Tom, a landlord, property investor, and businessman. He offers tips and advice on a daily basis to encourage landlords on their development path. Topics from this guru include: improving your credit rating, fear of investing, and landlord concerns.
  7. Rental Rookie– Offering great advice for those interested in rental property investment, this weekly podcast is hosted by Emily Du Plessis. This is a great place to start your search for the basics in landlord knowledge. Ranging from tenant issues to financing advice and dealing with costly repairs, topics covered are sure to answer any questions the beginning landlord may have.
  8. Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast– Each Monday, this interesting and informational podcast is hosted by Brian Hamrick and various guests that are experts in their fields. These include professional house flippers, insurance brokers, property managers, legal advisors, and more. The wide-ranging topics will help build confidence and success in your investments, while also entertaining you.
  9. Rental Income Podcast– Host Dan Lane began this weekly podcast as a way to feature successful landlords and showcase their tips and tricks. As a beginner landlord, he wanted to hear stories and advice from seasoned investors. Each week, a different landlord shares their story on the podcast including their first steps into becoming a landlord and how they keep growing and improving their rentals.
  10. Best Ever Show with Joe Fairless– A successful landlord with over 25 properties, Joe Fairless started this daily show that also happens to be the longest-running daily real estate podcast in the world. With a wealth of knowledge and expert guests, this is a great source of information. Topics include: improving your mindset, advertising strategies, and raising capital.

With options abounding for prospective, new, and seasoned landlords, these podcasts can offer timely information to help you improve and grow. Make time today to increase your knowledge and future success!

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