If the property you are trying to rent out is not gaining the attraction it deserves, you may wonder if there is something wrong with your listing. In many cases, however, this lack of interest may simply be because your listing lacks the right “punch” to grab the attention of prospective renters. Whether you already have a property on the rental market or you are going to be listing your property soon, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your rental unit is as attractive as possible to potential renters. Here are three creative ways to market your rental property.

1) Be Enticingly Descriptive

Anybody can write a bare-bones description of a house, but adding adjectives for emphasis or making the description more personal for the potential renters can make a huge difference in how your listing is received. For example, take this description:

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, electric included, pets allowed, near local college and freeway

It has all of the necessary details a renter needs to know about the unit, but it offers no further information and has no character or flair to grab its audience’s attention.

Now compare it to a description that includes a few more details and more descriptive language:

2 cozy bedrooms, 1 large bath with shower/tub combination. Electric included in monthly rent, cats and small dogs allowed. Located in the heart of downtown, near the local college and freeways

Even though this description still leaves out many details about the unit, the addition of descriptive details garners more attention.

2) Highlight the Differences

How can you help a renter feel more compelled to rent your unit than a different, comparable one? Market your rental by highlighting the differences! This is done by being upfront about everything your unit has to offer that makes it unique. After all, every home has walls, floors, ceilings, and doors, but the amenities and attractive features your home offers will be what persuades your future renters to reach out to you.

When you take photographs of your unit (a step that should never be skipped), make sure to take them from angles that showcase what the home has to offer, as well as show details that prospective renters may find interesting such as the backyard, or well-lit rooms in the space. This article is a great resource for those looking to improve their house photography skills.

3) Offer Ease and Simplicity

Offering ease and simplicity simply means making the process as painless as possible, not only for your future renters but for yourself. Your potential renter could see your beautifully described and expertly photographed listing, then become discouraged because the process of contacting you and renting your unit is too overwhelming or difficult because of the constraints of your unit’s listing website. Make sure to offer an easy way to contact you, whether it be through social media or directly through your website!

By taking these necessary steps, you will be well on your way to filling your rentals time and time again. We hope these help, and if you have any additional tips that could help other landlords, let us know!

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